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About Myself

Hey, I'm Alex Ogden. A 20 year old British Computer Science undergraduate student at Sheffield Hallam University, and currently working as an intern software systems developer at Thales UK. Im a self-taught progammer in multiple languages and paradigms, starting 10 years ago, working on my own projects, and through academia ever since. Over the past decade I've gained a broad set of skills in the field of computing from knowledge of programming languages and environments, to networking, data security, privacy, and much more; its what I love.

I'm enthusiastic and truly passionate about my field, always striving to produce the best work I can, and the best solution possible to a challenging exciting problem. I'm always improving, and learning something new.

The projects I work on in my own time vary greatly, both in type and purpose. Much of my software that I develop tends to be for my own use, whether it be fulfilling a requirement I have, improving on a process making it more efficient, and something purely for the sake of challenge. The languages I program in include C, C++, C#.Net, Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, and sometimes others such as Perl and x86 ASM. Aside from my personal projects, I have developed software for public use, a lot of which started as personal software. The most popular public software I made in the past was SimpleCraft (now discontinued, but still available), a Minecraft bukkit server wrapper and administration tool which was designed for easy-setup and running of servers with the less-technically-minded people in mind, after I identified a need for such software from people's posts on the forums. Current public projects, and downloads are available here.

Outside of my professional life, I play a lot of games, a long-time Halo fan, Portal nerd, and ArmA milsim player. I appreciate good film, tv and music (Radiohead forever). I know a good pint of ale when I see one, lover of a good IPA, and a Single Malt Scotch Whiskey snob. Although my academic career and work takes me to the cities, I always love going back to my homeland, the glorious English contryside and the culture that surrounds it... even if it is covered in rain. As a strength athlete a lot of my time gets spent in the gym, normally power-lifting and olympic weightlifting. When I can I love to travel, and hope to do so as much as possible in the future.