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Contact Me

Feel free to contact me using any of the methods listed on this page. My response time normally depends on GMT/BST (UTC/UTC+1). The current time in the UK is: 00:00:00.




OpenPGP Details

You can also use PGP to communicate with me securely. My public key can be obtained through pool.sks-keyservers.net or locally, using the button below. This key can also be used to encrypt a file. Make sure you attach your own public key or I will not be able to reply to you. You may find that some downloads will be signed with this key, so it may be worth importing it anyway. If you do now know how to use/setup up PGP (GPG), search for GPG guides, theres plenty out there.

Key ID:


Key Fingerprint:

E587 234D A53C CE79 9C0A E9FA 738E 7BF3 2035 1BF6