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Projects and Downloads

× More projects will be added here in time, some have been temporarily redacted, and some in development.

Fynite Image Host

Fynite is a temporary image hosting web service. Upload any kind of image to the server for a pre-determined time. More information can be found on the web page itself. I originally made Fynite to full fill a personal requirement, but continued to work on it and enable it as a public tool; because of this I will soon be moving it to a different domain.

Web Service Ongoing Node.JS


SimpleCraft is a bukkit minecraft server wrapper designed so that you can run powerful servers simply with features such as UPnP port forwarding, making life much easier. Written in C# with WPF, SC provides the Admin with a clean GUI offering extended features such as auto-command, save, backup, and more. SimpleCraft can be used with any craftbukkit version, just download from the app. For more information, click the button below.

Desktop Application Discontinued .NET


Realms is a top-down style game written in Java from scratch which I started in sixth form for a project. The game is now open-source and I am adding to the game every now and then. The project could be used to help people with Game Development in Java, or to just be a fun open source project that eventually creates a great game. Development is not consistent, and the game itself if far from complete, it is more like a template for a 2D game. As this game is written in Java, it will run on any platform that can has the JRE installed.
Java Open-Source GNU GPLv3 Download may not be latest